Koala Intelligence Agency

We, hereby, authorize the procedure with all due haste and circumspection upon your undertaking.
Hereafter, this matter shall be referred to only as KIA. Future considerations relative to the total
disposition of this matter should rest no lower than Level 9 personnel including newly recruited Central
Intelligence Officers of K.I.A following appropriate discussions with their recruited Koala Agent.


Who Are They?

A total of 10,000 unique Koalas are fully trained and prepared to deploy. They are masters of disguise,
sifting their way through the general public without a shred of evidence left behind.


Recruitment Information

  • Recruit a KIA Koala on OpenSea


Recruitment Perks

Each Koala has its unique entry code to KoalaHQ memorised enabling each Central Intelligence Officer access to the Headquarters.

Private Koala Network

A regulated undercover Discord channel is available for Central Intelligence Officers to share intel and debrief accordingly.


Koala HQ has issued an app that will be a central point of engagement for all Koala Agents. This app will be used to play the global Geocache Games and other future games.

Walla Den

Koala HQ has developed the next tier of covert intelligence support; The Walla Den, a new tool in the arsenal of a K.I.A Agent, allowing for swift adjustments to their disguise so Agents can remain concealed from enemy eyes.

Agents can swap outfits and try on new disguises!

KIA: Case Files

The "K.I.A.: Case Files" is an NFT collection that holds the art that extends the storyline of the K.I.A. Universe.

Every Officer holding an Agent will recieve NFTs from this collection on an on-going basis.

Geocache Challenges

Stealthily located crates will be planted in real life; the locator will receive a hidden prize. The crates will contain a variety of prizes including but not limited to ETH and NFTs.

Experimental Projects

Future missions will come to light including Top Secret experimental opportunities for Koalas. Koalas
will be able to participate with their Central Intelligence Officers' consent.


Koala Academy

The Agency are dedicated to the continuance of crypto education within and throughout the K.I.A’s
ongoing missions. Crypto educational resources will be deployed free of charge with the expansion of the crypto and NFT space in mind. As the KIA protect the world from evil they simultaneously teach and share for its growth and development.

Illustration by Icons 8 from Ouch!




The First Few to be air dropped a Hidden Crate NFT.


Giveaway of 30 Special Force Koalas from the Reserves in the K.I.A discord


The First Geocache Mission commences
Initiation of Experimental Projects


Koala Academy launch date declared
12 ETH Donated to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital



The team behind the K.I.A.


Director of the Koala Intelligence Agency


Creative Director of the Koala Intelligence Agency


Chief Discord Administrator of the Koala Intelligence Agency

This is the KIA
Protectors of Mother Earth
Signing off
The Agency Directors

Verified Smart Contract